I used to visit the garden quite often with my own beautiful Viszla, Boris (pictured above), who many of you made friends with over the years.
Thinking of all those wonderful years with Boris and reflecting on the comfort and joy that pets have provided so many people over the last few months, we thought we'd honour our four-legged friends in this newsletter.

Happy dog-walking everyone!

Sometimes, even when dressing casually, you want to look a little chic. French Bulldog's know what we're talking about when we say this. Nothing fits the bill better than this superior gilet and the finest cashmere rollneck.

If you fancy a cuddle with this husky, then we recommend you stock up on this season's staple: a square-fit, cable-knit sweater from Peserico in the most flattering silver grey.

Neat and full of personality, just like a Jack Russell, our Milan Collection sweaters come in a range of bright, cheerful colours - purple, orange and lime green. And their price point is small and friendly, too.

Over the years we have hunted high and low for the perfect Wellington boot for the urban dog-walker. At last, we think we've found it: Fabiana Filippi's handsome, chocolate, rubber boot with a warm wool leg.

London life runs the gamut from early morning dog-walks to school runs, office meetings and lunches, so we need clothes that work for all of it. Fabiana Filippi's herringbone, wrap jacket is as chic as any whippet. 

We've noticed a definite new dog-trend is underway: English Pointers. The same can be said for cable-knit sweaters, which are all the rage right now. This super, baby-blue number from our Milan Collection is a classic.

Known as Silver Ghosts, Weimaraners are a pure-bred, elegant and family-friendly dog. The same can be said for Lorena Antoniazzi's perfect matt wool, mid-length coat. Just be sure to give it enough exercise!

Sometimes we just want low-key, high-quality clothes that will work hard and enhance our great hair when we throw them on. That can certainly be said for Antoniazzi's oatmeal rollneck and cap. 

Some clothes - just like some dogs - simply command attention. German Shepherd's are adored the world over for their stunning wolf-like appearance. This luxurious camel-coat is a fitting style companion.

Just like our furry companions, good-quality knitwear will stand the test of time. Nothing will work harder in your wardrobe this winter and this gorgeous Antoniazzi chunky-knit is our personal favourite. 

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