Connery made his debut as James Bond in the 1962 film Dr. No. That led to six other Bond films, which turned the character into a pop-culture phenomenon. As Bond, he foiled elaborate global threats and bedded a string of beautiful women with absurd names. So good was Connery that creator Ian Fleming wrote a Scottish back story for 007 in his final novels.

Connery attributed the success of James Bond to timing. After all, Bond appeared after the War when people were fed up with hard times. Bond, with his cars, cigars, Savile Row suits and beautiful women provided some much-needed glamour. Entering another lockdown, we can understand that yearning, so we hope you enjoy our tribute to the super-spy and his gorgeous henchmen.

If Connery is the original Bond, then Eunice Gayson playing Sylvia Trench is the original Bond girl. She's most memorable when we first meet her in a flame-red dress at the baccarat table. If you want to make an impact like Sylvia then Aspesi's red silk halter-neck dress is for you.

Being Bond's first love wasn't easy. Deadly double-agent Tatiana Romanova steals Bond's fickle heart from Sylvia in the second film, From Russia With Love. We're pretty sure Tatiana packed Aspesi's black velvet pantsuits in her suitcase when they sail off into the sunset.  

From golden sunsets to terminal baths in liquid gold, things don't always end well for Bond girls. Still, dying of so-called "skin suffocation" seems a pretty bad way to go. We advise sticking to a gold necklace and a silky bronze shirt from our Milan Collection if you want a sleek look.

Beauty isn't the only pre-requisite for Bond's female adversaries. They are kick-ass, too. Just look at judo master Pussy Galore and professional assassin Fiona Volpe. They also wear the black-and-white tuxedo look just as well as Bond - like this pristine Piazza Sempione shirt and black pants. 

But Bond girls do have a fatal weakness and that is diamonds. Love may come and go, but as Shirley Bassey and Tess Van Ghert know, Diamonds Are Forever...they won't leave in the night. So why not treat yourself to a little Tess sparkle for these dark winter days. 

Other essential accessories when you're riding around on your super-yacht or saving the world from an atomic threat are a serious pair of incognito sunglasses from Tess Van Ghert, a made-to-measure fur gilet and a bag with a Medusa latch to keep your gun safe. 

As sure as night follows day, there is always a betrayal with Bond. But who is betraying who? It's not always easy to tell. Keep your cards close to your chest in Fabiana Filippi's cream silk blouse, which will keep you looking ice cool.

Keeping an eye on Bond isn't always easy. That's why we think Fiona Volpe's gold-painted BSA A65 Lightning motorcycle with rocket-launchers is the way to go. But you can't ride it without Piazza Sempione's luxe black shearling coat. 

We've watched your every move from the Bahamas to the Sea of Japan and back to the gaming tables in Monte Carlo, Mr. Bond, and we must admit you have a great deal of swagger. We like to impress, too, and Aspesi's purple silk skirt dress will certainly turn a few heads at New Year’s Eve.

 As the festive season approaches, the plot thickens. You've left so many broken hearts and great cars behind you. But two or three lovers per film is a dangerous business. Still, we'll meet you on the dance floor in our crushed velvet, midnight blue Aspesi dress. After all, you only live once.

We may have been arch enemies for years now, but there's no denying there's always a frisson of excitement when we meet. It's because we look forward to seeing you so much that we only wear our Aspesi black dress for you Mr. Bond. 

We didn't want it to end like this James. It sure was fun while it lasted and we had a blast dancing the night away and riding in your Aston Martin. But we know you have to go now. Tess Van Ghert's cat-eyed glasses and our super chic, black fur coat will disguise our tears.

So, we're sending lots of love from Russia, dear James, in our winter white coat from Lorena Antoniazzi and, of course, a fur trimmed hat. 

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