Here at Oxana Lifestyle we truly value our customers and we want you to feel relaxed when you are shopping with us.

So, to put your mind at ease we want to let you know what measures we've put in place for your safety in the boutique.  Knowing our strategy (we hope) will make you feel safe and most importantly, excited to see us and our latest collection.
We want to ensure all our customers that we are adhering to all the guidelines that have been issued by the Government and that our beautiful boutique will be a comfortable environment to visit.​
We have implemented the following safety protocols:
1-Risk Assessment
A full risk assessment has been completed following the guidelines found on the HM Government website.
2-Handwashing & Cleaning
We have placed a table in the doorway furnished with hand sanitizer. We invite all customers to use the hand sanitiser before entering the shop.
Given more recent advice we now also ask customers to wear a face mask covering the mouth and nose when they enter the shop.
After each visit and private appointment a thorough clean will take place involving wiping all surfaces with antibacterial sprays.
Staff will also wash their hands regularly throughout the day, in particular, before and after touching deliveries, clothes and the PDQ machine.
3-Social Distancing
Following Government guidelines, we ask that only two people enter the shop at any one time so that we can maintain a comfortable 2-metre distance.
We have also installed a plexiglass screen at the till as a safety screen.
For those of you who would prefer to browse the collection alone, we are offering the option of booking 1-hour private appointments. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact me at the shop or by email. 
4-Handling of clothes and stock
For those concerned that virus transmission might be possible via the handling of clothes, all clothes that are tried on will be removed from the shop floor, steam cleaned and quarantined on a separate rail for 24-hours before being returned to the shop floor.
The same procedure will apply to any returns. 
Deliveries, meanwhile, will be quarantined for 72-hours before being unpacked and steam cleaned.​ 
DHL are our delivery couriers and they, too, have implemented a high level of safety procedures
We hope our efforts and vigilance offer you peace of mind and encourage you to feel confident when shopping with us. We guarantee that our 'new way of working' will not affect the friendly and professional experience we take so much pride in offering you.

Stay safe,