For our part, we've already put out our statuette of Ded Moroz - Father Frost. He is the Russian equivalent of Santa Claus. At Christmas he brings children presents with the help of his granddaughter Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden), who rides in a horse-drawn troika (carriage). She's a unique female character in the world's Christmas traditions, and we're proud of her, since we're pretty sure no man could get all those presents out the door without a woman's help!

So, let's all lean into the festive spirit. Fill the house with beautiful flowers and scented candles, spend time together dressing the tree and the table, and write to loved ones who might be far away. We're here to help you fill your home with magic and pick out lovely gifts for your nearest and dearest.

Ded Moroz lives in a log cabin in the dense taiga forest north of Moscow. We're pretty sure it's decorated with silk evergreen bouquets like the ones we have in the shop, soft Altalena cushions and lots of giant golden hurricane lamps.

As she trips along to help him, Snegurochka, usually puts on her crown of snowflakes. But she hasn't seen our cashmere Nima pompom hats. If she had, we're pretty sure she would have picked out one in the softest dusky rose.

Ded Moroz is a natty dresser, too. He never appears without his long coat embroidered with stars, silver-buckled boots and a silver pikestaff to help him through the snow. It's a high-style, but practical, item like Tess Van Ghert's gorgeous silver-topped umbrellas.

Ded Moroz spends the summer reading letters from children, who tell him about their dream presents. Beautiful stationary, notebooks and pens always make for thoughtful Christmas gifts and we have lots of lovely Sloane stationary and elegant pens in stock. 

Snegurochka loves the scent of the fir forest and always travels with an evergreen tree in her troika. We're sure if she set eyes on it, she'd snap up Aspesi's deep green, velvet pantsuit and Tess Van Ghert's dazzling green cubic zirconia choker to match her eyes. 

Where Santa has reindeer, Ded Moroz has a menagerie of bears, polar bears, owls, wolves and winter hares. Pick out your favourite forest creature on our popular silver-topped pencils. Little people are sure to love them. 

In some traditions Ded Moroz is firm friends with St Nicholas and Santa Claus, which is sensible in their line of work. After all their hard work, we're sure they trade superior presents with each other like our Musco Real spiced citrus soap for men and dapper pale tartan scarves. 

Christmas is a time of family gatherings and festive feasts. In Russia we get out our best white tablecloth and cover it with pirozhki(stuffed buns), kulebyaka (salmon pie) and the regal Russian salad. They all have a pleasing pastel hue, so why not dress accordingly in Fabiana Filippi's winter white top?

Unsurprisingly, Snegurochka has inspired her own opera, The Snow Maiden, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. It deals with the eternal forces of nature, which we've become rather well acquainted with in 2020. So we think its only right to end this dramatic year in epic style with Tess Van Ghert's butterfly earrings.

Oh, the excess of it all! The spiced tea, mulled wine and fruit compote made of sour cherries and prunes. You better wear something chic but comfortable. And, what could be better than a pair of our loose-fitting velvet pants and a beautiful silk shirt?

As the end of the day nears and the table is strewn with melted candles, empty plates and torn crackers, light up some of our atmospheric red hurricane lamps and raise one of our crystal glasses to Ded Moroz and Snegurochka for filling the day with festive cheer.

And, when you wake up the next day, don't be blue because Christmas is over. Instead, get out your best presents and try them on for size. We hope our stocking contains one of Tess Van Ghert's logo necklaces. We think it sums up how we all feel about 2020. Roll on 2021!

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