The book covers the weird and wonderful recipes of the entire Alpine region, which covers Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. It's a weighty tome with lots of gorgeous photography of the region and excellent tips on superior chalets and restaurants. So, instead of dusting off your skies and soft-shell onesie, why not unearth that old fondue set, those wreath-shaped silicone moulds and that potato ricer. After all, we now have time on our hands to get creative in the kitchen.

Waking up in Fluhalp with views of the Matterhorn in the rose-tinted dawn is one of life's true pleasures. We're pondering that view in our morning meditations wrapped in Laurence Tavernier's matching dressing gown. 

Mountain berries for breakfast drizzled over blintzes, there's no better way to start the day. Stuffed with antioxidants, berries are great for the skin, as are our super soft Eberjay pyjamas. 

The Italian supermodel of ski resorts is icy, pricey Cortina d'Ampezzo. It was a favourite of Elizabeth Taylor who came with a whole trousseau of fur coats. Take a tip from Liz and invest in this chic Herno number with fur trim.

Skiing is naturally accompanied by eating, after all, you need the energy! But too much choice can be a bad thing. Sometimes one perfect treat, like our lovely heart-shaped key chains, is all you really need to lift the spirits. 

An elegant cup of morning coffee is a treasured Austrian tradition. And, it's a small pleasure we can still enjoy every day. It only seems right to dress up in our Prussian blue pants to maintain standards.

Is it lunch already? But what should we have? If you need to dash out to pick up some ravioli or spinach dumplings from the Mari Deli on Chiswick Mall, you'll want to throw on our classic Herno city coat in this lush taupe.

Admittedly, we all have extra time on our hands so some brave souls may want to whip up a traditional Hay soup with 15 alpine herbs. Just don't mistake your fur-trimmed shapka hat for the loaf its served in!

One of the highlights of Alpine cuisine is that almost everything you eat is such high quality, not least the myriad cheeses. We take the same care in sourcing all our clothes, and our Italian knitwear will age just as well. 

The Mont Blanc tart with its bed of merigue and sky-high layers of chestnut cream is the brainchild of Paolo Griffa at the Petit Royal in Courmayeur. It would be rude not to dress the part in Antoniazzi's snowflake sweater and Tess Van Ghert's cute little cross-body, fur bag. 

We all need to keep warm in these dark January days, so equip yourself with a gorgeous pair of Antoniazzi's fur-lined booties and a stiff drink, such as the Spring Rhubarb Cocktail, which blends rhubarb syrup, tonic, lime and gin.

The absolute pick of our seasonal promotion is Lorena Antoniazzi's luxurious fur panelled bomber jacket. It has the same soft colours as the stonework of many mountain sanctuaries, such as the gorgeous Madonna del Sangue in Re.

To end our ode to the mountains, we would be remiss if we didn't add a little Tess Van Ghert sparkle. We love her custom word necklaces, and now we have in a new series of alphabet letters, which I think we can all raise a toast to with a heart-warming glass of kirsch.  

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