So, we thought we’d take that rose-tinted world as inspiration for the launch of our 2021 Spring collection, which is full of similarly gorgeous pastel colours and luxe fabrics. Our new brand Gentry Portofino is the highlight of the collection. Known for their pure aesthetics, we can’t think of a better label for a modern-day Bridgerton.

During the Regency period, the corset was abandoned for clothes that emphasised a natural figure and expressed personality. Antoniazzi's fabulously denim and suede trouser suit does much the same thing, taking normally stiff denim and working it into a super soft, slouchy look. 

London's famously luxe shopping crescent, Regent Street, was built during the Regency period. If you're planning a post-lockdown promenade on it, you can't go wrong with Herno's champagne-coloured taffeta parka.

Just like the Bridgerton dressmaker, we specialise in bespoke, luxury brands. The latest label in our collection is Gentry Portofino, who make the most divine knitwear, such as this oatmeal sweater with sequin design work.

As the Bridgerton girls know the devil is in the details - there are bustlines, sleeves, fabrics, jackets, ribbons and shapes to consider. Luckily these days we've toned things down and are happy with some sequin sparkle on our Antoniazzi tops to match the silverware on Pourchet's backpack.

Cropped jackets were big in the Regency heyday as you didn't want anything messing with that floaty skirt. They're still a must-have, particularly in Spring when you want something to layer over a sweater. Antoniazzi's mint-coloured gilet is certainly worthy of a toast. 

Details, details, details, it's the little things that lift the everyday to the extraordinary. Gentry Portofino even have their own signature knit called 'calato', a rising and falling weave that creates a fabulous textured finish.

Satins and silks were the favoured fabrics of the Regency, because their high sheen shows colours off to the best effect. This rose Herno puffa proves the point admirably. And, it's as warm as a duvet. 

The other new brand we're excited to welcome to our collection is Hanro. Founded in Switzerland in 1884, this famous underwear, nightwear and loungewear brand, embodies luxurious understatement and timeless style.

Regency fashion was about making a good first impression and we appreciate that. After all a thoughtfully considered outfit can make a day or a date. Consider your colours, fabrics and accessories and always invest in a good coat and bag, like this fab pair from Fabiana Filippi.

Finally, flat-heeled shoes were also on-trend during the Regency. Made of soft kid or cloth they were embellished with brooches or bows, just like Fabiana Filippi's luminous linen mocassins. Why not slip a pair on and hot-foot it down to the Lanesborough Hotel after lockdown where the Bridgerton set hand-out.

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