Instead, fashion simply adapted and carried us through. With office clothes hanging idly in the cupboard, we sought out luxe house slippers and comfortable cashmere loungewear. Designers adapted, too, softening their tailoring and adding little pick-me-up details. Designers have also professed to enjoying the space that lockdown afforded them and reported a surge in creativity. In particular, we think you'll love Fabiana Filippi's fantastic new collection which is full of post-lockdown sass.

Botticelli's Spring goddess is clearly fashion-forward, but lockdown has done away with excessive fripperies and taught us to appreciate key essentials, such as the clean lines, careful tailoring and luxurious fabric of this bomber jacket.

Mantegna's pink-hosed Renaissance courtiers who survived several plagues can confirm that pink is simply the most uplifting and enlivening colour. It certainly makes a big splash in carefully chosen accessories.

We can tell Ingres' Comtesse Haussonville is just a little bit envious of Fabiana Filippi's sleek and flattering khaki green jumpsuit. Dress it up or down with smart accessories, such as this fun knot-tie belt. 

Veronese's Venetians were an ostentatious lot. Gold, silks, turbans, jewels, they wanted the lot. These days the look is a lot more discreet, but that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun with Tess Van Ghert's bold chain-link jewellery and brass bee-studded bag. 

Although Barbara Gonzaga is wearing a very fine golden dress, you can tell she appreciates that less is often more. Fabiana Filippi's luxurious swing silk top is a case in point. Despite being effortlessly simple, it is a stunner. 

Green of any kind is the colour of the season, from deep dark forest greens to bright acids for summer. If you're wondering what to pare with such a huge range, play it safe with some diamonds from Tess Van Ghert.

Figuring out what to sling over the top of a stylish outfit is a challenging problem. Our advice to Vicenzo Catena's Renaissance It-girl is to ditch the stiff cape and indulge in one of Fabiana Filippi's super cool loose-knit cardigans. 

James Whistler's women understood the power of a single-tone outfit, and so does Fabiana Filippi. They always design their collections in colour stories so you can mix-and-match their versatile light knitwear in different outfits. 

Soft, flowing pastel dress - check. Sandals - check. Some styles just never get old as Domenico Ghirlandaio clearly knew. Still, we think we'll forgo the fruit platter for a well-stocked cocktail trolley after the year we've had!

You. Just, Know. She. Wants. That. Necklace. Tess Van Ghert's triple-tier amethyst and pearl waterfall necklace will set anyone's heart ablaze. We don't blame Lady Agnew, it would look great with that lilac sash.

Simonetta Vespucci was the super model of her day and Botticelli's muse. We can see why, this girl understood the power of great accessories - just like Tess Van Ghert who's bauble bracelets and hand-crafted bags are the envy of London town. 

As the king's mistress, Rococo style-icon Madame de Pompadour knew how to use stylish clothes to make a statement. And, you won't fail to do that in this gorgeous ivory, jersey trouser suit from Fabiana Filippi.

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