We know that many of our clients are masterful hosts so we've hunted high and low for a fabulous selection of teacups, tableware, embroidered linens, tree decorations, stockings, crystal glasses and even beautiful rechargeable table lamps so you can effortlessly add some stunning seasonal cheer to your homes and dining tables.

Tea time doesn't have to be drab if you entertain in a luxurious velvet lounge suit and add some sparkle with silver strainers and tea caddies, as well as the prettiest tartan tea service and festive napkins from Portugal. 

Just like tea time, lounge suits are inherently relaxed, but the best of them are made of super luxe satin velvet and piped around the edges. Elevate them with simple, striking gold jewellery from Tess Van Ghert's Christmas collection. 


Early dinners and office cocktail parties can be a wardrobe challenge, but we think these neat little velvet trouser suits and silk blouses from our Milan collection do the job perfectly. Dress them up or down with a warm sweater in a contrast colour or a textured Tess Van Ghert clutch. 


Looking gorgeous at home events doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be as simple as investing in one of our stunning silk print blouses, a bewelled Nanni belt and a bold but discreet piece of jewellery.

Adorn the house with red berries, beautifully wrapped crackers and glass Christmas baubles. Then add some high shine decoration to yourself like this amazing pair of micro-diamond starburst earrings from TVG.


Of course you want your table to look as good as you do in this delicious red silk Aspesi dress. To make that so we've stocked up on stunning homewares from Belgian brand Flamant. The brand is a purveyor to the Belgian Royal house and is the brainchild of Alex Flamant, the son of an antique dealer. He had the bright idea of reinterpreting antiques in more modern style. The result is beautiful, timeless pieces made to the highest quality.

Just like fashion, tablescaping requires attention to all the little details. Although this sounds daunting, never fear, because the genius of Flamant is that their homewares are designed as 'whole house' stories so you can mix and match with ease. We love the way it all comes together.


For late night owls who love dinner and dancing or savouring that last liqueur before the end of a brilliant evening our advice is to invest in silk. It is simple but sexy, elegant and easy to wear and looks stunning with pearls and gold. And, we've just received a few gorgeous dresses from Fabiana Filippi. 

So, have fun this festive season. May the weeks before Christmas be full of amazing dinner parties and lots of laughter over cocktails in stylish London bars. Enjoy present shopping, decorating, cooking and connecting with friends, because Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year!

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