We see Milan's effervescent style every year in the new collections we receive. This year, Lorena Antoniazzi has presciently captured the current zeitgeist of hazmat suits and lab coats with their industrial-chic collection of boilersuits, protective leather shirts and mesh knitwear. We hope everyone stays safe in the coming weeks and wish all our friends and colleagues in Milan all the best as they manage through this challenging time. 

The ultimate symbol of Milanese ingenuity is the city's epic Gothic cathedral, which took over 500 years to finish. An army of artisans built this beauty and Antoniazzi's boilersuit feels like the perfect homage to their hard work.

Building the future is thirsty work, which is why every evening in Milan everyone pauses for the city's signature Martini cocktail. Slip into Antoniazzi's high-sheen leather shirt-jacket and join the style mavens at the bar. 

Behind its wisteria-draped courtyards and ornate Art Deco doors, you'll find Milan's softer, more cultured side in art galleries filled with Old World wonders. Wander through them in Antoniazzi's timelessly chic cotton dress.

Spring can be temperamental in Milan (this year more than most), so investing in Herno's latest, light-weight linen jacket is a wise idea. It is made from flax fibre, which is soft, lustrous and flexible.

No-nonsense, practical and durable - that's how we'd describe Antoniazzi's cotton poplin shirt with patch pockets. It's almost as if they knew their clients would want clothes that make them feel capable and comfortable this year. 

Mesh knitwear is another big trend this season and we absolutely love Antoniazzi's mid-length gilet which will lift almost any outfit out of the ordinary with smart layering. 

We know everyone already has a go-to pair of jeans in their wardrobe, but we also know that Antoniazzi do almost everything better, which is why we're confident that you're going to love this comfortable-fit, deep denim pair.

Because we love this boilersuit so much we thought we'd throw in another angle alongside the secret ballroom of Palazzo Clerici. You can see what a comfortable fit it offers and how you might wear it with the gilet and sneakers. 

And for those who need to look just that little bit smarter, we have some key pieces from favourite Fabiana Filippi. They include this slim cut contemporary cotton jacket and super comfortable matching trousers.

Now where do we start on this fantastic pair of sneakers made from technical fabric with a detatchable suede fringe? Well, suffice it to say, we already have a pair in our own wardrobe, so I guess you can say we are fans. 

The devil is in the details as we all know. The exact cut of a T-shirt determines whether it is chic or sloppy and Antoniazzi have fashioned just the right fit and finished it with a well-deserved star. 


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