My own Mama - pictured here - is an adventurous soul. At a time when women were expected to stay at home she went out in the world and became a TV presenter and interviewer. Later she freelanced as a show producer and story scout for international news outlets, telling tales of extraordinary people and places - she even joined the reindeer migration in the remote Yamalo Nenets Autonomous District. 

All this she did in style. Quite literally, she has never been badly dressed and she embraced the fashion and hair styles of every era. At the same time, she filled our house with music, beauty, food and love. So, here's to you, Mama, and all the amazing mothers out there. We hope you have the most fabulous day.

Lights, camera, action - my Mama on set with her microphone. She's a person who believes in herself and gave me the confidence to start my own business. But strong women can still wear great pink PJ's by Ralph Lauren.

Her trusty typewriter from back in the day on one of her artfully arranged tables at home. The delicate crochet place mat is one of her collectibles, just like Antoniazzi's fine knitted sweaters and hats.  

My mum and dad met and married young (she was just 18). They were a handsome couple who both liked plunging necklines! Times and necklines may have changed - like Gentryportofino's high neck knitted top - but the roses never stopped coming on her birthday. 

She became a TV star with a proper dressing room. But she wasn't a diva - much of the furniture she restored herself, showing that being stylish and practical is always possible. Italian brand Fabiana Filippi understands this.

She makes friends wherever she goes, even with orphan bear cubs. She knows how to dress for an adventure. Denim never gets old. This season it's a highlight with a head-to-toe denim collection from Fabiana Filippi.

Despite having a heavy TV schedule, my mum loves her home and kitchen garden. She grows most of her own veg and fruit and always makes seasonal pickles and jams. Practical shoes are a must when gardening.

She was born in the countryside and remains a country girl at heart, always sneaking off for long walks and picking wild flowers. Casual staples in bright colours are her preferred country wardrobe and we have some fabulous casual shirts in the cutest colours for Spring.

Fashions come and go, but its fun to embrace new looks and new hairstyles. It's a creative expression that is part of the evolution of who we are as people. My mum gave me my love of fashion, which is why you'll always find me with the latest jacket and TVG shades.

On a sleigh in Yamalo Nenets Autonomous District with the reindeer. Clothes should always be comfortable and functional wherever you are in the world. That's why everyone should invest in a Herno jacket and an excellent scarf.

Dress for the seasons. Here she is giving a perfect demo of head-to-toe styling. That's what we love to do here in our little multi-brand boutique, help women put together outfits - like this rose-taupe combo - that look and feel great. 

Even today, my Mama is still stepping out in the world facing all the challenges that life throws at her with grace and strength. She's a great role model and style maven. I hope I can also face everyday looking the part. Fabiana Filippi's rose-coloured cape helps.

So here's to everyone's Mama. May you and they have the happiest Mother's Day. Get them something lovely - like a soft Eagle blanket or a small-scented love heart - and spoil them rotten. They definitely deserve it. 

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