Who is Tess?

Tess Van Ghert is a luxury London label established in 2009 by mother and daughter duo, Augustina and Kristina. 'Tess' is their fictional muse - she is a woman who is at once bold and feminine. She is sophisticated, outward-looking and successful -- a modern chameleon who moves seamlessly between high-powered city meetings, country estates and Mediterranean escapes. She likes burgers, caviar and champagne. And, while she is always plotting her next project, she loves to play hard, too.

Wherever you find Tess, you'll notice she is always impeccably dressed. If people are going to stare, she believes she should give them something gorgeous to look at. Hence her dazzling diamond jewellery, her show-stopping shades and her high-luxe bags and coats. But don't feel intimidated, Tess loves to share the glamour with her girlfriends. Dressing up has seldom been so much fun.

Made With Love

Each Tess Van Ghert piece, whether its a covetable bag, a forever coat or some sparkling jewels, is fashioned with the finest materials and the highest attention to detail. Leather is hand-picked from Florence's finest tanneries, diamonds are carefully selected from reliable sources, while ironwork is hand beaten and crafted. Designs, too, are unique and each item is only created in a small number of editions to ensure that you never bump into anyone with the same arm candy. 

In addition, each Tess item is impeccably finished inside and out with the softest suedes or luxe silks. Labelling is also utterly discreet in line with the creators belief that quality and style should speak for themselves. The result is timeless, collectible pieces that will grace your wardrobe for many years to come.

In addition, each Tess design can be made to measure. Earrings can be lengthened or shortened; rings and bracelets resized and necklaces embellished with pendants or more jewels. What's more if you would like to collaborate on a unique piece of jewellery Tess can work with you to realise your vision.  

The Brains Behind the Brand

Behind Tess Van Ghert is the talented mother-and-daughter duo, Augustina and Kristina. They established the brand in 2009, but have chosen to stay behind the scenes and let their muse, Tess, do all the talking. Long-time Londoners of Russian heritage, their studio and HQ is based in Knightsbridge where they are available to meet clients for bespoke projects. 

Only available at exclusive stockists in all the best places (including our boutique!), they promise that any Tess Van Ghert purchase is a truly unique, one-off, handcrafted item that you will treasure forever.