Pioneering artist Wassily Kandinsky - whose painting Yellow-Red-Blue is pictured above - was an early pioneer in colour theory. In his work, colour acts as a separate force to form, resonating within us long after we forget the details of each painting. Which is why Kandinsky believed colour caused a 'psychic vibration'! What is less well known is the influence on Kandinsky of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. Her works are now on display at the Tate Modern alongside fellow colour theorist Mondrian. We highly recommend the show not just for its beauty, but for the positive psychic vibrations you'll enjoy in the exhibition halls. It will fill you with energy and has inspired this month's lookbook and newsletter.

Yellow is a youthful colour and is full of joy and hope, while orange is highly stimulating. Worn together, like Gentryportofino's sunny dress and crochet hat, they make for a happy, optimistic outfit - just what we crave in summer. 

Pink is a playful colour and in paler shades feels kind and calming. So, be kind to your feet this summer and invest in a pair of Santoni's smart H-bar sandals with their soft cushioned sole. 

Energetic orange is attention-grabbing and uplifting. It says, 'pay attention, look here!' So does Gentryportofino's fabulous wrap dress. And, why not go the extra mile and pair it with Tess Van Ghert's glitzy gold bag. 

Cinnamon is a brownish-orange hue that like the spice suggests earthy warmth and richness. It is the perfect natural neutral for high summer accessories, such as Fabiana Filippi's darling raffia bucket hat. 

Cream combines the warmth of yellow with the coolness of white, making it eternally sophisticated and modern looking. Aspesi's cotton safari dress fits that bill perfectly and is a great dress for summer in the city. 

Blue is a trustworthy and reliable colour. You can count on blue to carry you through any event. It goes with almost everything, and looks both casual and elegant, just like Fabiana Filippi's effortless shirt dress. Pair with cream and gold accessories for a summer vibe. 

Black is fashion's most powerful colour, suggesting mystery, sophistication and power. Even a little bit of black goes a long way, making it the perfect accent colour. Black is big this summer, so mix it in when you play with all those fabulous new colours in your wardrobe. 

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