As a derivative of red, and thus associated with passion, pink was de rigeur for high society men. Madame de Pompadour loved it and made it popular with women in the 18th century. After two World Wars, men took to wearing more sober colours so pink became feminised. Its paler shades, in particular, became synonymous with nudity and thus became popular for underwear. Thus, pink became a delicate, intimate colour.

But then came Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, who reclaimed pink for sophisticated, grown-up girls. Even the Queen, at 95, is rather partial to the shade. Whatever your preference we have gorgeous pieces in every hue from the softest champagne pink, coral and candy to the deepest, richest fuschia.

Dreaming of what love notes you might receive in Peserico's slinky champagne pink lounge suit. Pair with a sophisticated string of pearls from Tess Van Ghert. 

There are some things you know you can rely on in life, and what's not to love about that? Herno's slim-fit gilet, Fabiana's sleek shirt-jacket and Antoniazzi's comfortable sneakers. 

Pink and taupe look lovely together because they are a natural pair on the colour chart. This season's love affair with pink shows just how versatile the colour can be. We predict Fabiana's pink trousers are going to fly out the door.

Hanro's new pink underwear will certainly make the boys wink with it's delicate décolleté lacework. It would make a super gift with Castelbel's delicous rose soaps, bath salts and candles. 

Lilac, too, is a firm favourite this Spring-time. Tess's little suede-lined party bag is impossibly pretty and pairs wonderfully with the Chanel-style cardigan from our Milan Collection.

Eye-catching accessories: a rose gold, diamond-encrusted butterfly ring from Tess Van Ghert and a hot pink linen scarf from chic Altea.

Gifts we'd love to receive this Valentine's Day: a sweet love note, pink ranunculus, a chain of pearls and Tess Van Ghert's gorgeous pinky-taupe leopard-print umbrella. 

From accessories to bags, knits and outerwear, pink really is having it's moment this year, so why not pop in and ponder your favourite shade. We're hear to help you find a pink that makes your heart flutter with happiness.   

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