For the lucky inhabitants of the world's largest urban arboretum there are also over 1000kms of signed walking paths. To keep you cosy along the way we've picked out our top selection of winter coats, boots and sweaters; plus a few delicious bags to keep things chic. So whether you're heading to Hyde Park, Highgate or Epping Forest we have the perfect coat for you. To delve deeper into London's green treasures pick up a copy of Paul Wood's wonderful book, London is a Forest.

Many of London's parks have ornamental gardens full of rare specimens. Our Antoniazzi cashmere sweaters are similarly unique, made only of the finest fibres in very small batches. 

Herno's new ultralight, 3/4-length, diamond-quilted puffa is the ultimate city coat. It's chic and warm and perfect for windy riverside walks. This caramel version looks rather perfect against the autumn leaves and bulrushes. 

Some of London's great trees are staggeringly old, such as the Totteridge Yew, which is over 2000 years old. Longevity is prized by Tess van Ghert, too, whose fine bags fashioned with unique finishes and handmade chainlink straps are meant to last a lifetime. 

Exotic specimens, such as the Chinese Redwood in Canary Wharf, are a feature of London's sidewalks. To fit in, wear Antoniazzi's fabulous camel-coloured alpaca coat, which will attract enviable stares wherever you go. 

Grand oak trees are a feature of every Royal Park. Zannellato's Postina bag in patented Pura leather matches their soft russet leaves. Add a pair of glossy acorn-coloured gloves for the full effect.

The London plane is the city's signature tree. It is perfectly suited to an urban environment being both tough and beautiful. Antoniazzi's smart knitwear designs have the same mix of hard-edged cool and beauty.

Parks can be smart, too. After all, Hyde Park has long been the place for the bon ton to take a fashionable walk. Why not join them in Herno's pinky-taupe puffa with its pussy-bow neck-tie and a luxe pair of Santoni boots. 

Even London's architecture pays homage to the inspiring shapes and textures of the natural world. Likewise, Tess van Ghert's exotic backpack in red textured leather, finished with her elaborate logo as a clasp.

The white Portland stone used in London's grand houses is a perfect backdrop to the colours and greenery of the city's gardens. It's a clever trick that we've borrowed for our cream corduroy suit, off-set by Tess's dramatic red bag.

The oldest chestnut trees in London were planted in 1662 in Greenwich. It's worth a walk to see them in autumn, when you can collect a chestnut or two to eat. Travel light with our super slim Tess van Ghert cross-body bag.

On those milder autumn days, ditch the coat completely for a heavy sweater and Peserico's snug fur gilet. Not only does it look stunning with its quilted back and belt, it's also a very practical outfit for a long walk.

The most valuable tree in London is a near million-pound plane tree planted in Berkeley Square. You will also look a million dollars in our favourite sweater of the season, a navy-and-grey geometric weave roll-neck from Antoniazzi. 

As winter draws in, it's time to pull out that classic black coat. We think Aspesi have outdone themselves this season with this reversible coat with one utile waterproof side and another in luxurious faux fur.

The oldest black walnut tree in the UK is in Marble Hill Park in Richmond. To get a look at it, you'll need a sturdy pair of walking boots. There aren't any better than Antoniazzi's thick-soled biker boots with a soft knitted ankle cuff. 

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