Bedford Park was built in the 1880s as the world's first 'garden suburb'. Its architects, Edward Godwin and Richard Norman Shaw, were two of the leading home designers of the day. The houses they built are stylish, classic and comfortable, much like the clothes we like to stock. So, in homage to lovely Chiswick we've snapped some of the finest front doors in area, behind which we hope you're keeping sane and having fun. 

Like Norman Shaw's red-brick Queen Anne style houses, Aspesi is a brand that can be relied upon for style and versatility. A perfect case in point is this gorgeous pink-and-green geometric print shirt dress.

Bordering Ravenscourt Park - which was once the site of a 12th-century medieval manor - you'll find a fine row of Regency Houses. Just like Fabiana Filippi's understated silk vests and Tess van Ghert's fine jewellery they are the height of architectural elegance. 

At the western limit of Chiswick is St Peter's Square set around an English Heritage-listed garden. It's grand, austere villas with their sleeping doorstep lions match Lorena Antoniazzi's rigorous and chic high-fashion styling. 

Chiswick has long attracted artists such as poet W.B. Yeats, painter Camille Pissarro and writer E.M. Forster. They work discreetly in romantic studios, no doubt in practical, comfortable clothes like Fabiana's cashmere sweatsuit.

Art Deco is another popular architectural style found in Chiswick. It was an unashamedly populist style, employing decorative flourishes to prettify homes. You can apply the same philosophy to up-style Antoniazzi's minimal grey leather shirt-jacket. 

Stained glass was an integral part of Art Deco, aimed at elevating ordinary features into decorative highlights. As Fabiana Filippi knows, its attention to detail - such as the cotton-and-silk mix of this dress and the shimmering key-hole collar - that make all the difference. 

Sometimes simple, unflashy things done well stand the test of time better than all the bling in the world. That's why we really love Fabiana Filippi's understated tobacco story, which has the hallmarks of a wardrobe classic.

April is the month of showers and recently we've been caught out in a couple of them. We're thankful for them because they make our gardens luxuriously green and water the delicate bluebells, but don't forget to take your Aspesi trench with you on your daily walk.

St Peter's Square is a unique 19th-century development with huge stuccoed houses with fancy porticos supported by ionic columns some crowned with bombastic eagles. We imagine the folks inside gliding around in Fabiana Filippi's old-rose pink dress or these pristine Piazza Sempione white slacks. 

One of the little hits of happiness we've enjoyed over the last month is the wonderful explosion of wisteria, which is at its most magnificent dripping down the facade of the Georgian houses along the riverbank. There's no better celebration of it than Aspesi's glorious, flowing purple silk dress. 

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