Then, Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as All Saints Day in the 8th century and the evening before became All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. Over time the two festivals merged and evolved elaborate rituals of pumpkin carving, dressing-up and trick-or-treating. There's no doubt its lots of fun, but boy is it cold out there, so if you're signed up for an evening of knocking on neighbours doors, we suggest you treat yourself first to something warm and snuggly. And top it off with one of our pompom hats, which have just come in the door.

Halloween is just good fun. What's not to like about bonfires and armfuls of candy? Get in the spirit of things by dressing up in one of Daniel Mayers colourful sweaters and coats. 

Trick or treaters need comfortable walking gear and that means a good pair of jogging pants. Lorena Antoniazzi's are the best and come in corduroy, cashmere and warm wool.

The burst of colour that accompanies Halloween is an antidote to the cold, dark weather. So, why not warm up the increasingly dark nights with our lovely bronze and red silk shirts and scarfs?

Back by popular request are our Nima pompom hats, which have just dropped and tend to fly out the door faster than we can order them. Why? Because they make you smile and brighten up any winter outfit.

Our current collection favourite is Antoniazzi's first foray into a casual puffer jacket in matt moka with a cool corduroy panel. If you want to be warm as you wander around Chiswick, this is the coat for you.

Not everyone will be out trick-or-treating, but that doesn't mean you can't join in the Halloween fun with a dash of bright orange accessories and one of our new versatile padded bags from Herno. 

One item everyone must have in their wardrobe is a cable-knit sweater, and this stylish version from Antoniazzi with a single, central cable is an absolute classic you can cherish for years.

And, if you're wondering what you should wear on your cold tootsies, why not lay your hands on a pair of  Antoniazzi's chocolate suede sneakers. Happy Halloween!

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