It is a remarkable achievement by any measure. Only 25 years old a the time of her coronation, she has always instinctively understood the symbolic power of monarchy. A big part of which is achieved through what the Queen wears whether it be sumptuous State Robes, military uniform, hard-working day dresses or elaborate evening gowns that can stand the dazzle of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, who she met in 1956. 

So, to get everyone suited and booted in royal style, we've put together this bumper newsletter that should see you through whatever street party, picnic or private event you'll be celebrating for the Platinum Jubilee.

The U.K. will be celebrating the Jubilee in style with 2000 street parties! But early June can be a tricky weather month, swinging between hot and cold in a matter of hours. That's why Fabiana's svelte trouser suit paired with its chunky lurex cardigan is the perfect garden party get-up.

Few colours inspire more royal devotion than pink, and the Queen has worn almost every shade of it during her reign although we think Old Rose flatters her best. It just so happens Tess Van Ghert's pastel pink bag is a perfect match.

HRH doesn't generally 'do' trousers unless there's some riding involved, but we think she's totally got this look. After all, trousers don't have to be to casual or sloppy, as Gentryportofino's fine palm print summer pants prove.

If there's anything HRH understands, its the power of a single statement jewel. We think Tess' diamond star necklace is just the ticket for this weekend. After all, she deserves a few after 70 years in the job.

Usually royalty is adorned in a shower of gold, but an icy silver hue can be just as stunning and majestic, as this Annie Leibovitz portrait and Tess's metallic micro bag prove. We also love the way it works with platinum hair. 

Her Majesty has travelled 42 times around the world during her reign despite not having a passport (they are issued in her name, so she doesn't need one)! Still, she always has a perfect summer dress in her suitcase. We recommend Aspesi's light poplin cotton dress with its lovely swing skirt. 

Hats and bags, the queen is never without them. So, if we're going to dress for the occasion then we'll need to finish off with them. Fabiana's straw boater and this lovely little wicker and mock-croc tote from CAPAF in Florence will go with virtually any summer outfit.

'Rosa Queen Elizabeth' is a summer rose that has regal pale pink blooms and a soft tea fragrance. In short, it's a perfect rose for a Queen. Just like Zanellato's baby pink tote is the perfect summer bag. 

Although her Majesty rarely wears sunglasses when she does, she looks rather cool. We say go all out for something big and bold, and make sure it works with your outfit like this tone-on-tone pairing of Tess Van Ghert sunnies with Fabiana's cool, cotton jacket and wrap belt.

Hah! we remember HRH's amusing appearance with 007 actor Daniel Craig at the London Olympics, proving that even the Head of State is game for a laugh. Channel your inner Bond with Fabiana's silky peach jumpsuit and chiffon bomber jacket. 

Despite its outrageously extravagant appearance, the 4-ton golden carriage is very uncomfortable according to the Queen. We think you should stick to the sports car and simply throw on Fabiana's 'kimono' cardigan. Then add a splash of red with their sharp beaded box bag. 

The Queen is devoted to her signature Launer top-handle bags (of which she owns over 200). Apparently, she uses it to signal to her aides when she has finished talking with people! It's an excellent idea we think we'll adopt. Any excuse to get hold of this Tess Van Ghert beauty!

The Trooping of the Colour traditionally marks the official birthday of the Sovereign on 2nd June with 1400 parading soldiers and 200 horses. Why not join the Red Coats and don Fabiana Filippi's pitch-perfect red trouser suit.

One of the Queen's more modest tiaras, known as the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland, is also one of her favourites. Sometimes less is just more as these simple square drop diamond earrings from Tess Van Ghert demonstrate.

From China to Mexico, regal red is the go-to colour for royalty and revolutionaries. Red symbolises courage and sacrifice and is the colour that elicits the strongest emotional reaction. We promise you won't go unnoticed in Gentryportofino's stunning red dress. 

This Platinum Jubilee isn't the only one the Queen has celebrated. In 2017, HRH and Prince Philip marked their 70th wedding anniversary. If you're attending any weddings or anniversaries this summer, you can't do better than Gentryportofino's amazing puff-sleeve blouse.

Hands down the Queen's favourite piece of jewellery is her two-strand pearl necklace, which was formed from pearls given to her by her father over successive birthdays. We think everyone should have at least one pearl necklace and this gorgeous long strand from Tess Van Ghert is a stunner. 

Ribands, badges, insignia and diamond 'Orders' are symbols of rank and good deeds and some of the oldest jewels in the Royal collection. Tess Van Ghert has taken a leaf out of the royal book and adorned her shimmering pink backpack with a magnificent crystal badge. Now you're well and truly ready for the coming festivities.

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